Name- Kelly Morgan


Age- 34


Position- Yet TBC but maybe QB as I can chuck a bit


What experiance do you have of American football?

Very little other than watching it as a kid...

looking forward to starting to build my own playing experiences


Favourite NFL player?

Jo Montana is my all time favourite

Favourite NFL Touchdown?

Michael Vick's 88 yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson on 15 Nov 10

You won a Bronze medal at the 2002 Commonwealth in Manchester , How did That feel?

It was a huge thrill to enter that stadium, I now understand the phrase

"the atmosphere was electric",it felt like being in the centre of the most powerful of storms.

My actual performance felt horrific, I under performed massively,

I am much prouder of my British record breaking performances!


What are your targets and aspirations for the New woman's team?

My initial goals for the women's side are two fold; firstly a Swindon based flag league & then the selection of a full contact competitive side. After we achieve this it will be time to regroup & pencil in some new targets!


What are your other sporting hobbies?

Swindon's Raychem Netball Club , Swindon Shin Splints and Freestyle Boxing Club are the sporting clubs closest to my heart!

Non sporting Hobbies?

Walking my dogs & laughing with friends


Favourite food?



Celebrity who inspires you?

I don't believe in celebrity, I try to believe in myself & to keep my eyes open to be inspired by the small things that happen around us everyday


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning I guess, he has twice as many MVPs


If you had Three words to describe yourself what would they be?

Ooo that is probably better answered by those who know me best ;-)


Favourite Film?



Pepsi or Coke? 

Diet pepsi, even though I know how bad it is for me


Beckham or Ronaldo

Kiss ball...seriously ;-)


Popcorn! sweet or salted?

Sweet, sweet, sweet!



Prediction - Swindon storm V Solent Thrashers on the 20th of July!

No question, Storm all the way!


And finally.... do you Have any Match Day Superstitions?

I used to have many in my spear chucking days but I am thankful to be free of them now