Name: Joel Prowting


Age: 20


Number: #9


How did you get into American football?


Went to the trials during freshers week at the University of Hertfordshire, loved every minute of the trials and gained a spot in the team as wide receiver. 


Personal goals this season?


Score more than the two touchdowns of last season, return a kick off/punt for a touchdown, help the team to first winning record


Favourite food?


Peanut butter!


Favourite Hobby?


Weight training/Playing Xbox


Celebrity who inspires you?


Vin Diesel, that guy is a beast but is humble too, hard work pays off!


Non-celebrity who inspires you?


Parents, my Dad, supports me in everything I do and keeps the family going with his hard work. Mum taught me how to be a great person and is kind and loving to everyone. I'd be nowhere without them. 


Favourite storm moment?


Last season against the Oxford Saints, playing in the blistering heat at lydiard park, scored a 40+ yard touchdown on a fade route and we won the game!


Favourite NFL team?


Seattle Seahawks


Favourite NFL player?


Marshawn Lynch


Favourite NFL touchdown?


Lynch Beast mode run against New Orleans Saints in the 2010-2011 playoffs 


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?


Peyton Manning!


Mila Kunis or Michelle Keegan?


Mila Kunis


And finally.... do you Have any Match Day Superstitions?


Not as such but early night, plenty of water pre game, always short sleeve under armour on game day!


Week 3

Bristol Kit V Portsmouth

* Joel with this impressive kick return TD against    Portsmouth that unfortunately got flagged*