Name: Anton Sieluzycki


Age: 26


Number: #66


How did you get into American football?


How did you get into American football - at a friends BBQ we were playing an American football playstation game when he suggested I come down to the storm training sessions. So I came down to see what it was like and was hooked before the session was over. 


Personal goals this season?


my team goal is we have to win more games than we did last year and my personal goal is to get lineman of the year again.


Favourite food?


Tough one, steak and ribs 


Favourite Hobby?




Celebrity who inspires you?


Lance Armstrong. Doping scandal or not (of which nothing was ever proved), the guy was on the brink of death with testicular cancer and came back and won 7 gold medals. As well as all the charity work he has done off the back of it all. 

Non-celebrity who inspires you?


Favourite storm moment?


Beating Oxford saints, I had an amazing game that day, and from the outset we were on the front foot, the whole team knew that we could do it and that our first win against Bournemouth wasn't just a fluke. 


Favourite NFL team?


The New York Giants


Favourite NFL player?


Jason Pierre-Paul, he's a giant, was due to go to the pro-bowl in his rookie year, was in the Super Bowl winning team his rookie year. Can back flip in full pads. His performance has been a bit poor the last two years due to a slipped disk and the resulting surgery but once he's back on form he's super dangerous. 


Favourite NFL touchdown?


Jerome Simpsons flip - enough said


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?


Peyton Manning


Mila Kunis or Michelle Keegan?


it's got to be Michelle Keegan


And finally.... do you Have any Match Day Superstitions?


it's not really a superstition but I have to wear my bright pink Lycra boxers for every game and I'd worry if I didn't ...they keep everything out of the way. 

Week 5


*Anton in Salisbury's strongestman comp 2011*