Matthew Jenkins

Age - 28


Height - 5ft9in


Weight - 195 (lbs)



Week 1 


NAME -  Matt Jenkins


NUMBER - #26


AGE - 28


How did you get into American Football? 


I got into American football at 17, I went to watch a rugby friend play at bath cardinals in 2002 and coach bob was so enthusiastic he had 3 cars full of chippenham rugby players at the next training session.we went on to win the league in our first year!


What would You say are your Personal goals this season? -


3 defensive shut outs


Favourite Food?  


Food is difficult, but probably a nice rare wild duck breast with fondant potatoes! Posh!


Favourite Hobby ( other than American Football) ?


 Rugby and climbing!


A Celebrity who Inspires you and why? 


Will I am but only cause he gives loads of time and money back to the community


A Non Celebrity who inspires you and why?


Lee Audis a friend of miine from chippenham!

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What is your Favourite Storm Moment and why? 


Dan Pours belly flop when we won the first game!


Favourite NFL Team?


 Not sure on nfl teams but I liked the Seahawks D last year (team work and trust!)


Favourite NFL Player? 


Marshal Faulk and Richard Sherman if he wasn't quite so gobby!


Favourite NFL Touchdown? 


No favourite touchdown!


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?


Tom Brady


Mila Kunis or Michelle Keegan?


Mila Kunis every time keegan is far too stupid



And finally .... do you have any Match Day Superstitions ?


No real superstitions but I like to have raw jelly (old habits) and have a laugh before the game to stay relaxed!