Sam Mendoza

Age - 27


Height - 6ft4in


Weight - 228 (lbs)



Week 2


NAME - Sam Mendoza


NUMBER - #77


AGE - 27


How did you get into American Football? 


My dad used to play for Great Britain so after years of putting it off I decided to give it a go.


What would You say are your Personal goals this season? 


On a selfish note, I'd love to win Lineman of the year. But I want the team to retain its rookies (who are very good this year) and continue to progress as a team


Favourite Food?  


Anything with Buffalo sauce!


Favourite Hobby ( other than American Football) ?


Golf - unfortunately they don't really go hand in hand


A Celebrity who Inspires you and why? 


Tiger Woods - he may be a pig, but no one has worked harder to get to where they are than him.


A Non Celebrity who inspires you and why?


My parents - both for different reasons. My dad for sporting and motivational reasons and my mum for always being there


What is your Favourite Storm Moment and why? 


Beating the Oxford Saints with 3 seconds to go. WOW


Favourite NFL Team?


Green Bay Packers


Favourite NFL Player? 


Jordy Nelson or Clay Matthews


Favourite NFL Touchdown? 


Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb winning us the division title in 2013


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?


Aaron Rodgers


Mila Kunis or Michelle Keegan?


Mila Kunis 


And finally .... do you have any Match Day Superstitions ?


Always make up my isotonic drink - and try not to talk to too many people