Sean Harper



Age - 27


Height - 5ft9


Weight - 170 (lbs)


Position -WR


Experiance - 2 Years


New England Patriots fan From Portsmouth!









Week 2 Part 2

NAME - Sean Harper


NUMBER - #14


AGE - 27


How did you get into American Football? 


Started watching after seeing a Super Bowl game.


What would You say are your Personal goals this season? 


Seasons goal would be to go better than 0.500 and challenge the more established teams in the division!


Favourite Food?


Boneless Hot Wings!! 


Favourite Hobby ( other than American Football) ?


listening to music or playing the other version of football!


A Celebrity who Inspires you and why?


Celeb, Adam Richman from Man vs Food.... The food always looks amazing and no matter if he fails, he gives it his all and is gracious in defeat. I think I'm also envious of the food he gets to eat! 


A Non Celebrity who inspires you and why?


my parents, they got everything they wanted through hard graft, my goal is to go one better!


What is your Favourite Storm Moment and why?


Favourite Storm moment was the final 2minute drive down the length of the pitch on a beautiful summer day last year for us to score a TD and win a game we deserved from the jaws of defeat!


Favourite NFL Team?


New England Patriots


Favourite NFL Player? 


Tom Brady is the man, but for my game play I do love watching Wes Welker still!


Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady


Mila Kunis or Michelle Keegan?


Mila Kunia.... Those eyes, wow!


And finally .... do you have any Match Day Superstitions ?


Not sure if it's superstion or just preparation but I always try to keep my routine the same but tweak after every defeat ,  that hasn't been constructive! Porridge, Nutella and bananas the morning of the game is a must!!