Swindon Storm's match against Bournemouth Bobcats turned into a shootout on Sunday as these two teams played out one of the games of the year.

Bournemouth started the scoring after a few strong runs put them in the position to pound into the endzone, they went for 2 but were stopped.

Carrying momentum from the previous 52-12 trashing of Cornish Sharks, Swindon answered straight back by pounding the ball themselves.

Running back Curtis Malcolm smashed through the Bobcats defence before managed to break into the endzone for his 1st touchdown.

The PAT was good and Storm lead 7-6.

Bournemouth regained the lead after a pass got them inside Swindon's redzone and then a few plays later a slant caught in the endzone put them ahead.

Both teams exchanged punts as the game seemed to settle down a bit but that didn't last long.

With Swindon back in posession strong middle runs from Joe Baker and Dan Thorne saw them back in the Bobcats red zone.

Joe Baker then broke through to score giving storm the lead again, the score was 14-12 to Swindon.

Bournemouth carried on their rampant rushing game with a few huge runs down the middle of the defence.

A breakthrough came in the second quarter when Bobcasts smashed the ball home regaining them the lead.

Not to be outdone Swindon began pounding the ball through the heart of the Bobcats defence before taking to the air.

A few passes to wide receivers Joel Prowting and Matt Jenkins had them in the redzone once again.

Curtis Malcolm then ran the ball home bringing the score to 21-20.

A passing drive of their own saw Bournemouth retake the lead before the half.

This lead was only for a moment though as Swindon bounched straight back to score with Dan Thorne crashing the ball into the endzone.

The score at the half was Swindon 27 Bournemouth 26.

The second half kicked off and the fans at the ground were hoping for more of the same, they were not disappointed.

Bournemouth started the scoring in the second half with a passing touchdown into the corner, once again the Bobcats went for 2 and were succesful.

With Bournemouth leading the teams exchanged punts for only the second time in the game before a fumble game Bobcats the ball.

2 plays later it was their turn to fumble and Swindon's defence recovered the ball.

It was back to normal for Storm's offence now with a deep bomb to wide receiver Joel Prowting putting the ball back into Bournemouths endzone bringing the score to 33-34 in favour of the Bobcats.

A few plays later and another powerful run saw Bournemouth extend their lead over Swindon.

Now inside the 4th quarter and with the score at 33-40 to Bournemouth, Storm had to score to level the game.

Reverting back to the power running game to start Swindon chewed up a lot of yards as they pushed down the field into Bobcats territory.

A short pass to Matt Jenkins saw a series of Jukes and dodges saw him run the ball home into the endzone.

The bobcats now only held a 1 point lead in this incredible match up.

Swindon's defence stood strong and forced Bournemouth to punt giving them the chance to regain the lead.

A mix of passes and runs edged Storm closer to the endzone before another long pass to Joel Prowting put Swindon in the Bobcat's redzone.

Phil Bardwell then hammered the ball home allowing Swindon to take the lead in the game.

Storm went for 2 and Sean Harper found himself free in the endzone nervously bringing the ball down and making the score 47-40.

Swindon's defence ended in the flurry by applying pressure all over Bournemouth's quarterback forcing a 4 and out drive with only 1 minute left to play.

Swindon then found themselves in victory formation after this shootout win,

Final score was Swindon Storm 47 - 40 Bournemouth Bobcats.


By Julian Myles

Swindon Storm 47-40 Bournemouth Bobcats

Image Provided By Paul Kent

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