Swindon Storm 52-12 Cornish Sharks


Swindon Storm faced off against Cornish Sharks in a repeat fixture of last year and Swindon were looking for a similar result.

The first half started poorly for Swindon as a few long passes gave the Sharks the first score of the game, they missed the PAT and Swindon found themselves trailing early.

Storm almost answered straight back but a fumble inside the redzone gave the Sharks possession once again until Storm's defence stepped up with fumble recovery of their own.

Swindon capitalised from excellent field position and a dive by Matt Jenkins put Storm back in the lead.

Storm's defence had definitely woken up, the next drive saw Cornish Sharks picked off by defensive end Mike Brown and with possession again Matt Jenkins scored his second touchdown of the game with an outside run, Swindon were now 14-6 in front.

Both defences held firm for a the majority of this game until a mistake on offence turned the ball over inside Swindon's redzone with allowed the team from Cornwall to bring the score to 14-12 at the half.

The first hlf may have been closely contested but the second was anything but.

A massive return from Joel Prowting set up an Dan Thorne's 1st touchdown of the game with a simple run.

This was followed swiftly by a defensive stand which got the ball back in the hands of quarterback Dan Thorne.

After a couple of runs the Offsense was really moving and Brent Flippance scored Swindon's 4th touchdown of the game, the score was now 27-12.

Once again Swindon's defence was too much for the Sharks and they were quickly forced to punt.

Storm's strong running game continued as they cut through the Sharks defence to push down the field.

With momentum on their side Brent Flippance walked through the defence to score his second touchdown of the game.

Not to let the offence have all the fun Swindon then managed another 3 and out to get the ball back to Dan Thorne who duly obliged by scoring his 2nd rushing touchdown of the game.

With the score at 39-12 a botched kickoff worked to Swindon's advantage as it was recovered giving the offence the ball once again.

On the subsequent play Matt Jenkins scored his 3rd touchdown with another outside run, the PAT was good and swindon held a 46-12 lead.

The teams exchanged a few punts as the game entered the 4th quarter, Storm were in cruise control as the Sharks looked tired and worn down.

Joel Prowting scored the last touchdown with a looping outside run.

The final score was Swindon Storm 52-12 Cornish Sharks.



By Julian Myles