2021 Female Player Registration


Team Subscriptions
For hire of training facilities,  kit, equipment storage and maintenance and BAFCA registered coaching staff 

£20 Per month whilst training.

Payments will be accepted via online banking

Swindon Storm American Football Club   

Sort Code 23-05-80       

Account 32999672 

Annual BAFA Game Insurance

(Payable to the League regardless of subs option)

This is for basic personal injury cover in games, public liability insurance and League administration.  The club recommends all participants consider purchasing their own personal injury insurance in addition to the league mandated insurance. Insurance is valid from Oct to Oct each year. 

GO TO:    www.bafa.azolve.com

You will need a photo of accepted ID -Passport, Birth Certificate or driving licence. (It needs to smaller than 2MB)

You will also need a 'passport style' photo of yourself.


BAFA have announced reduced fees for 2021:

Player (Adult Contact) - £30.00

Kit required:

I understand by submiting the details above I am agreeing to the payment scheme (Subs) and that by joining the club I will agree to the following: 

1. Conduct 
To behave in a way that in no way brings the club into disrepute. 
Uphold to the best of my ability the constitution of the club. 
I agree to a NO SMOKING policy when in Storm attire or when within the grounds of training or game day facilities. 

2. Substances 
To refrain from the use of performance enhancing or other substances under the regulated banned substances list in line with the BAFA and WADA Regulations. 

3. Fiscal 

To complete, in full, the required subs by each deadline. Any non payment will result in the player being suspended from training and competitive games until any owed subs are completed. 

4. Equipment 

To ensure club and personal equipment are maintained to a BAFA regulation state. To return any items of club equipment immediately after the last game of the competitive season or when instructed to do so by the Chairman.  I understand any equipment not reported as damaged or missing to the Equipment Manager before the return deadline will render me liable for the financial recompense of the missing equipment. I understand that the failure to do so will mean Swindon Storm will file a League Debtor complaint against me and I will be prohibited from competing in any BAFA sanctioned competition until the debt is repaid.